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Chuck self centering - 7mm I/D

Chuck self centering - 7mm I/D

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Key features and functions of a self-centering chuck include:

Multiple Jaws: Self-centering chucks has three, which are adjustable and can move simultaneously. These jaws are designed to grip the workpiece from various sides, ensuring that it is centered and secured.

Automatic Centering: As the name suggests, the chuck is "self-centering." When you tighten the chuck, the jaws move inward or outward simultaneously, automatically centering the workpiece within the chuck. This feature simplifies the setup process and reduces the need for manual adjustments.

Repeatability: Self-centering chucks are known for their high repeatability, which means that you can remove and reinsert a workpiece and expect it to be centered in the same way each time. This is essential for achieving precision in machining operations.

Quick Clamping: These chucks are relatively quick and easy to set up compared to independent jaw chucks, where you would need to adjust each jaw individually.

Versatility: Self-centering chucks are used in a variety of applications, wrappers for Spinning on thread and Driers for epoxy coating.

Different Sizes: This chuck has a size range of 10mm (.39") to 45mm (1.77"). They come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different Shaft sizes 7mm (.275")and 8mm (.314")

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